Customer Service Specialist

Mr Handyman of Grand Blanc, Fenton, Clarkston Areas - Coming June 5th, 2023!

job description


A customer service specialist should be cooperative and have the proper temperament and attitude. They should be people with integrity, possess self-esteem and calmness while being able to deal with customers and coworkers. They should be dependable and competent. The most important aspect of the customer service specialist's job is the ability to favorably demonstrate the characteristics customers equate with “professionalism.” This strategy is far more important than the technical aspects of the role because it is the key element that distinguishes Mr. Handyman from its competitors.


The CSS will have significant contact with customers and should therefore possess the following characteristics:

  • Neat appearance and good grooming

  • Punctuality

  • Dependability

  • Thoroughness and consistency

  • Empathy and ability to listen

  • Desire to be helpful.  Both to customers seeking repairs or improvements, and to technicians in the field facing some kind of issue.

  • Communication skills. Effective communication with fellow employees and customers enhances relationships, and results in customer retention.

  • Interpersonal skills.

  • Service demeanor. The professionalism, image, and reputation of Mr. Handyman rest predominately in a strong service strategy.



  • Be available during standard business hours: Employees must adhere to, maintain and be available to work the required business hours established for serving customers, without tardiness, interruption, or early departure. (Typically, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)

  • Follow the system: Employees must execute the required procedures and precautions defined in the Mr. Handyman system. The system is defined in the employee handbook, employment agreement and safety manual.

  • Language proficiency: Employees must read, write, speak, and comprehend enough English and cultural slang to effectively deliver and manage the Mr. Handyman service strategy as customer contact professionals.

  • Computer proficiency: The CSR must be familiar with basic computer operations and have experience with word processing, spreadsheets and using Windows-based applications.

  • Office and organizational skills: The CSR must possess basic organizational, clerical, administrative, planning, and organizational skills.




  • Create and maintain the weekly route schedule and communicate any changes to the schedule to the appropriate service technician as required.

  • Create and maintain all customer files as required.

  • Provide assistance to service technicians calling for help, directions, and so on.

  • Complete the customer information on the call screen booked or not booked for all incoming calls from customers.

  • Fully operate the Service Titan computer system.

  • Answer customer questions on the telephone.

  • Maintain log of all incoming calls within ServiceTitan. 

  • Update abandoned or unbooked calls for reason why not booked.

  • Send out follow-up letters and/or make follow-up calls to customers as appropriate.

  • Coordinate and document all communication affecting customers, employees, or suppliers.

  • Telephone contact with customers, to follow up on customer surveys, service calls, and complaints.


Compensation: $18 - $21 per hour depending on experience

Prior work experience: Mr. Handyman of Grand Blanc, Fenton, Clarkston Areas requires at least 5+ years of experience in similar work.


Work conditions: Mr. Handyman of Grand Blanc, Fenton, Clarkston Areas is committed to providing safe work conditions. CSR position will primarily be in an office environment, working with a computer and phone. Minimal lifting or strenuous work is required.  Occasionally, it may be necessary to work overtime.



contact information

business: Mr Handyman of Grand Blanc, Fenton, Clarkston Areas
contact: Kevin Langworthy
address: 2545 W Silver Lake Road, Suite 12
Fenton, MI 48430
phone: 810-215-0092 (Call Now)